Social Responsibility

Apart from underlining the importance of safety protection within the organisation, preserving the environment and implementing an environmentally sustainable system in our business management and practices, PSP also recognizes the importance of public projects which promote the quality of life of local areas in Samut Sakorn Province.PSP engages in the following local community projects:

Scholarship for students of less fortunate families.
Financial assistance for new born/children from less fortunate families.
Community Sports promotion programmes.
Donations to the local hospital in the form of an Emergency Response Vehicle.
Ongoing projects to conserve the mangrove forest through education and clean up events, prevention of drug abuse and Research assistance on the environment of Thachin River.


Being in the fuels and lubricants business, PSP understands the importance of fire safety and environmental preservation. Available at our facilities are well trained personnel, fire fighting, emergency response and safety equipment for land and water.We have obtained a certificate to provide a confidence to firefighting standards.

All our employees undergo frequent fire drills and are constantly trained during these drills. Key personnel have to attend frequent training courses in "Fire Introduction" (Basic Fire Fighting techniques) , "Fire Fighting" (Intensive Fire Fighting Course) and "Chemical spills" (Proper Chemical spill clean up). They are able to train internal and external employees after they are registered by the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare after attending the above mentioned courses.

6 Million incident free hours.
An internal project was started in 1995 to foster cooperation between employees and external contractors.  This project was set up to ensure all procedures and work were carried out with full regard to safety and reduce the risk of injuries to personnel and damage to the environment during the daily activities. 
Till date, we have archived a total of 5million operation hours without any incidents reported and we are on target to our 6th million hour.