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About PSP

PSP is a privately owned company headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand.
Established in July 1989,With a strong passion for the lubricants business, their vast experiences in this field led them to start what we know today as P.S.P.

PSP, produces a wide variety of high quality lubricants for almost every consumer and industrial application. At PSP, relentless approach to meeting customer expectations can been seen from its’ ability to produce specialized lubricants to meet every customers needs.

PSP also acts as a fuel distribution hub for many oil majors around the southwestern corridor in and around Bangkok.

With its manufacturing base located in Samutsakorn, (40 km. from Bangkok towards south-west) it has grown from its humble beginnings to have a total of 330 employees working.

PSP Company History

Our beginnings
Established in 1989 fully Thai owned and managed.

Started distributing electrical transformer oils from the United Kingdom
Strategic plans of lube blending and fuel distribution/storage facilities were finalized
Locations of PSP was determined.

Ground breaking at our new home
Construction of our first blending facilities begun
Focused on automotive and industrial lubricants manufacturing

Petroleum storage tanks and distribution terminals were completed.

PSP specialties as its distributor and Manufacturer of Transformer oils.
Expansion plans for increased fuel storage volumes were finalized.

New tank farm and fuel terminal PSP2 completed on the opposite side of Thachin River is completed.
Private Thai company with registered capital of 228 million Baht (US$ 7.6 million)
Sales turnover of 10.5 billion Baht (approx.US$ 350 million) in 2011

Blending volume rounded up 130 Million Litre in 2012.
Approximately 450 Employees