Main Services Overview


We have at present a total of 33 lubricant blending tanks producing a wide range of lubricants for automative, industrial and marine applications.Our lubricant products are manufactured in accordance to the strictest quality control environments.At PSP,we are committed to be a one-stop solution provider for all your lubrication needs.We manufacture quality lubricants that are backed by a team of trained experts and provide services of international recognition

Specialties Lubricants

PSP Specialties has a capacity to produce about 120 million litres per year.The company produces a comprehensive range of automotive products ranging from customized motor oils, engine oils, gear oils, transmission fluids, brake and clutch fluids and antifreeze.PSP also blends and markets Rubber processing Oil, Metal working oil, Refrigeration oils and Industrial oils for a wide variety of Industries in Thailand and abroad.

Transformer Oil

PSP Specialties commands a major share of the domestic transformer oil market and exports a portion of its output to neighbouring countries. PSP Specialties processes imported transformer oils from Europe at its plant.


PSP Specialties maintains a grease manufacturing plant with an annual capacity of 15,000 tones. Our product line includes the following:
Calcium-based chassis greases
Lithium Complex greases
High Quality lithium multipurpose
Lithium EP greases
Translucent lithium grease used for wheel bearing lubrication.
Special grease e.g. bentonite, molybdenum grease.
The company are the major Japanese OEM grease manufacturer and currently exports to many markets around the Asia-Pacific rim.